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Meryl Mikal is a versatile artist and creative design director with over 15 years of experience in marketing, advertising, branding and publishing. She has worked within both agency design teams and corporate marketing departments alike, and brings a diverse mix of skills to every client project that ranges from concept creation and layout design to strategy planning and project management. With a lifetime goal of becoming a business owner herself, she started Meryl Mikal Design to accommodate businesses of all shapes and sizes—from local restaurants to public museums and touching many industries in between.

Throughout her career, Meryl has helped telecommunications companies create product packaging, designed billboards for one of the largest online retailers, and created catalogs for many direct mail campaigns. She has worked with big brands such as AT&T,, 2Wire, Mazda, Linksys, Rusty, Clairol, Fuji Film and CB Richard Ellis—and enjoys being a knowledgeable resource for small businesses who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a large agency or an in-house marketing executive.

Meryl majored in Biology along with a minor in Fine Arts and Photography at the University of Arizona. She completed her design studies and graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Phoenix. She enjoys baking and sharing food with friends, and traveling to experience cultural differences and communication methods. In her spare time, Meryl leads an energetic lifestyle and enjoys boxing, running, sailing, spending time outdoors with her 2-year-old son Magnus or taking the family dog Tomás to the park.

Design Associate

Alice Lin is a BFA graduate from Rhode Island School of Design, along with having a BS degree from University of Chicago. She grew up in a small town in Upstate New York, and since leaving has lived in and experienced some of the United State’s greatest design centers: Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco.

Alice is happy to call herself a San Franciscan. In addition to her place at MMD, she works at the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival as Communications Manager. She brings to both teams a balanced set of design skills including web design, event planning, electronic illustration, social media strategizing & SEO, and handicrafting. Although she doesn’t join us in our daily caffeine consumption, she is a seasoned connoisseur of sugar primarily in baked goods. She does share a love of photography, all things in the printing and papermaking arts, and the abundance of great food in our city.